Our minds run nonstop until we sleep and then we awake and do it all over again. Year after year, decade after decade. People are born and die. But through all of this, this tree stands. Through all of the chaos, worrying, suffering, war and disease. This tree just stands here. The wind blows, it moves. The rain falls, it drinks. The leaves fall and then reappear. That is it…it just exists in peace. It would be so refreshing to just exist in peace like that. Wouldn’t it?

I understand this, yet it is so difficult for me to consistently just sit. When I sit, I do feel at peace. I even carry peace with me afterward for a while.

Why can’t I just enjoy being at peace? Wanting more turns in to needing more. I look up and I’m right back where I started. Cycles all over again. Uncontrollable. I can’t even control sitting. I am powerless.

Please God help me stay surrendered. Please help me accept all of this and be a conduit for your will.

I want to get better



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